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the good material of wood office table chairs

What is the good material of modern wood conference table chairs: many companies will give priority to solid wood office furniture when selecting office furniture. However, solid wood office furniture has a high demand for material and technology. If there is any problem in any process, small ones will crack, loose joints and other phenomena. If large ones, the whole set of furniture will be deformed or even unable to be used. And the price of wood varies from one thousand for small to another. We will introduces you the advantages and disadvantages of various materials:


wood office table chairs

1. Rubber wood


Rubber wood office furniture is a high cost-effective office furniture made of rubber wood trunk. Do not mix rubber wood with oak. Oak is much more expensive. Rubber wood has a short growth cycle, a wide range of wood sources, strong plasticity and easy coloring in the production process, and is durable after forming. But its wood density is relatively loose, it is not easy to dry, and the plate processing is also easy to deform.


2. Pine


Pine office furniture is the cheapest of solid wood office table chairs. It was first popular in northern Europe. Because of its log sense, it is more suitable for natural wind decoration, and has a large relative coverage and environmental protection. At present, more and more people choose pine office furniture, especially in children and DIY furniture. But the pine office furniture is soft, can not bear too heavy weight, and easy to deform and crack.


3. Birch


Birch is relatively cheap, the overall texture is straight and obvious, the texture is relatively soft or moderate, and after the wood is made, it is often deformed, so it is rare to see all the tables and chairs made of birch, which are mostly used as the core materials or decorative materials of other office furniture.


4. Fraxinus mandshurica


For us, Fraxinus mandshurica is also a common wood in furniture, which is also the price close to people, but it is hard and wear-resistant compared with pine office furniture. The biggest characteristics are clear and beautiful wood grain, good corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, toughness, good coloring performance, and good decoration. However, it is also not easy to dry, prone to warping and cracking, and the sense of technology is not strong.


5. Elm


Elm is mostly used in traditional Chinese office furniture, especially in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is called "northern elm and southern beech" with beech produced in the south. Its wood is tough, with clear texture, moderate hardness and strength. Generally, openwork and relief can adapt to it, and it can also make exquisite carving crafts. But office furniture made of elm, if not handled well, is easy to grow insects.


6. Beech


"Northern elm and southern beech" is not in vain. Many Northerners regard beech as southern elm. Its wood material is even, the texture is beautiful, the color is soft, fluent, the hardness is strong can compare with mahogany, has always been the common material of Chinese folk furniture, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Furniture handed down there are many beech furniture. But the color of beech is not so uniform, the age of the trees is different, the color and density are different, and in the case of drying, cracks and deformation are easy to occur, affecting the beauty and use.


7. Maple


Maple materials are divided into two categories: soft maple (red maple) and hard maple (white maple). In office furniture, it is mainly hard maple. Its texture is interlaced, light and hard, the pattern is fine, the color is harmonious and uniform, no scar knot, it is a kind of high-grade wood. However, the section of maple is not smooth enough, and the hand feeling of the wood office table chairs is not good. At the same time, the drying shrinkage of maple is also relatively large. When it is dry, it is easy to warp, which affects the aesthetic degree of office furniture.


8. Oak (red oak, white oak)


Oak and rubber wood are totally different kinds of wood, including red oak and white oak. White oak is more expensive for office furniture. The wood is hard, the texture is natural and clear, the office furniture is stable, strong and durable, suitable for making European style office furniture. However, there are few high-quality oaks in China, and many high-end ones can only be processed through the channel of imported oaks, resulting in relatively high prices.



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