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Choosing a comfortable office chair is the key to save waist

There are many office chair supplier on the market, but choosing a comfortable office chair is the keyIn our daily work, we can often hear some colleagues who have been working for many years complain that their waists are getting worse and worse, and remind young people to protect their waists, or they will suffer some sins when they are old, but most people will not pay attention to it, and they will not regret until they have hair disease in their lumbar spine. There are many office chair suppliers on the market, but choosing a comfortable office chair is the key.

There are survey data show that there are more than 200 million people in China, and there are problems with the lumbar spine. In recent years, the incidence rate of lumbar diseases has been increasing among young people. The waist of 25 years old, 75 years old, is the current situation of many young people. From happy life to Buddhist health preservation, many office workers began to save themselves.
modern office chair
A comfortable ergonomic office chair has become the choice of many people, but at present, there are many brands of ergonomic chair in the market, and the price is also uneven. With the air rod explosion reported by the news media, many office workers have no way to start, so how to choose a comfortable chair? Here are a few things to consider.


Choosing a good computer chair is to give yourself a comfortable office environment, so chair comfort should be the first consideration. If you have higher requirements for the comfort and health of chairs, it is recommended to choose ergonomic office chairs. The ordinary chair can only meet the ordinary use of ordinary users. The rigidity of each part cannot be changed with the body, while the ergonomic chair is different. It will try to adapt to the natural shape of the human body, and can effectively relieve your spine.


For the safety of the chair we need to sit in every day, we know that the air bar in the ergonomic chair is an important part of the chair. When we choose the office chair, we must know whether the air bar of the chair has passed the relevant test, or we try to choose some big computer chair brands, so the product quality is more guaranteed.


A lot of purchased ergonomic chairs have this feeling, sitting for a long time will still be uncomfortable, the whole depends on the back of the chair will feel unable to work, whether the waist of all chairs can be adjusted, and the headrest can be adjusted has become a problem that many people attach importance to.

Personal body shape and weight body shape are very important for chair selection. People with different weight may have different opinions on the same chair from the sky to the ground. If the body size is larger, people are advised to choose some chairs with larger size.

Cost performance

At present, many introductions and recommendations about ergonomic chairs on the Internet mostly pack themselves as ergonomic experts, paste some English screen shots, and often recommend 5 or 10 thousand chairs, regardless of domestic consumption level. When choosing chairs, we should do our best.


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